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China Granite - Granite Tile - Indian Granite - Brazil Granite

Chinese granite products are famous in the world. China granite, rich granite resource and stone quarry in many province in China, large selection of granite colors, wide usage for interior or exterior projects, such as granite tile, granite slab, modern machine and top quality processing, competitive price, all of them are the advantage of Chinese granite products. The professional service of Xiamen Build Value stone can meet requirements for all clients from many countries.

Famous Chinese granite, G603 - G654 - G687 - G664 - G682 - jiangxi green - G640 - G655 - G663 - G562 maple red - G617 - tiger skin yellow - green - shanxi black butterfly
Granite tile polishing brick G654 - G603 ceramic tile - tianshan red brick - Santa Cecilia ceramic tile

Granite Slab - Half Granite Slab - Cheap Granite Slab
Granite slab, gang-saw granite slabs are fabricated by the sawing of granite blocks in the desired thickness. The granite block is cut by granite gang saw machine, then polished on machine or flamed by hand. Granite slab is available in a wide range of sizes for multiple uses, half granite slab and large prefabricated granite slabs are often cutted for kitchen countertop, bathroom vanity top etc., thick granite slabs are used for tombstone and monument, stone arts etc.

Popular granite plate: shanxi black big board - gold hemp decorative - Baltic brown Brazilian granite plate - import granite plank granite plate color: grey granite plate - the plate - tropical brown
Granite plate countries: China - Indian granites - red granite plate - yellow granite plate - black granite slab - brown granite plate granite related page: granite board color - granite slab buying guide

Chinese Marble - Marble Tile - Marble Slab
China marble is used for marble tiles, marble slabs, marble fireplace, marble mosaic etc. China marble are colorful, such as white marble, red marble, yellow marble, pink marble etc., Chinese marble tiles and other products should be installed by professional workers.

Chinese Marble Color: M018 Pure White - M059 Red Cream
Marble Tile: Coffee Marble Tile - Pure White Marble Tile
Marble Slab: Dark Emperador Slab - Light Emperador Slab

Hot stone colors are: century cream-colored, blue pearl, South African black, cut the nets, big white, cream-colored, old wood stone, orange red, crystal white, rosin yellow, white, Sir British brown, noble cream-colored, etc.

Meroproduct recommendation
Meroproduct recommendation

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